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Actual SF :: Bowl, Shumai

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At first glance this surprisingly simple Shumai Bowl is just a round piece of felt and a bunch of snap fasteners. But when you start playing with it, you quickly begin to appreciate the sophistication and symmetry of this unique decorative bowl.

No directions required: Just start snapping and see what happens. Make a traditionally shapped container or create something unexpected. Made of 100% wool felt (up to 15% recycled fibers).

Size: 27" (67 cm) diam. when flat. Approx. 12"x9" (30 x 23 cm) snapped. 

Made in Oakland, California

The Back Story

Actual SF’s designer Josh Jakus is dedicated to making experiential connections between form and function. Jakus’s architectural training and Actual SF’s Californian roots are perhaps to thank for his rigorous design efficiency and his products’ parsimonious use of recycled material. 

The Green Story

Jakus’s products (which range from purses to table lamps and bowls) are made from materials in their simplest form so that their intrinsic qualities show through. His products are made from natural or recycled materials whenever possible. His purses, for example, are made from recycled PET and recycled felt. The result of his efficient use of material and unique design efforts are sleek, modern, and chic products we love!